As an avid supporter of Governor DeSantis and President Donald Trump, I would like to continue to help this District and the State of Florida focus on law and order, smaller government, low taxes, and support our state’s efforts to control illegal immigration. I am also a strong supporter of having a conservative Florida Supreme Court along with conservative Florida judges.

Education is essential, and I believe that our children’s education is vital to the future of the United States. I will work to put civics back in the classroom so our future voters understand the history of our country, its laws, the function of government, and, most importantly, the US Constitution.

Throughout Florida, this District and many others have families who are suffering and need a strong leader who understands their needs amid a constantly changing economy. We will seek ways to educate and train individuals for the new workforce and transform through technological advancements. This recovery has been too slow since President Biden has taken office – we need men and women with solid backgrounds in business ownership and the current work environment. These current issues require an understanding of starting and running a successful business through a pandemic, natural disasters & economic downturns.

I understand the economics of real-life situations, starting from the government and the businesses that it regulates to the individual citizen. I am that candidate – I want to know why we’re not recovering quickly. I want to represent the small business owners and do my part to bring it all back by listening to the community’s needs. I am the Representative that will genuinely work for its people then take action! Let’s make Florida Great and do what we can as patriots to protect and serve our great state and Nation. God Bless America!

David Dwyer is an avid supporter of The Wounded
Warrior Project and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.