Candidate David Dwyer’s Endorsements

Todd Catella FL-HD42 Republican Voter

“After serious consideration over the past 6 days of the FL-HD42 Republican options to replace Extreme Progressive Democrat Anna Eskamani, I have decided that Republican Candidate David Dwyer is the best option to win the Florida House 42 in Orange County for Gov. Ron DeSantis & Free Florida policies.

David Dwyer has my complete personal endorsement as of today!

If you are tired of the invasion of Anna Eskamani signs in your neighborhood fight back by going to David Dwyer’s HD42 campaign website to donate, volunteer, and get your yard sign!!”

Florida Republican Assembly

Last night, The Florida Republican Assembly, Orange County Chapter, had ANOTHER sold-out crowd (standing room only).
The evening began with President Lou Marin delivering a very enlightening presentation of things you can do between now and the election. Afterward, we presented FRA’s Executive Board Candidate Score Card results, which led to the FRA members voting UNANIMOUSLY to endorse Drake Wuertz (FL State House District 38) and David Dwyer (FL House District 42). Congratulations Drake and David! You’ve earned FRA’s endorsement. we presented

Mark Bender

“Having lived in Orlando for over 50 years, and a practicing attorney for 36 years, I have followed and been involved in Orange County politics
for a long time. I don’t recall meeting a more qualified individual to serve the needs of the conservative voter than David Dwyer. He is steadfast in his values and beliefs and possesses a strong intellect, business acumen, and ethics which will serve his constituents very well. I strongly endorse David for District 42.”

Conservative Ministers of Orange County

Shelby King

I am a retired bank VP and live next door to David’s twin brother, Douglas.  David visits often and I have gotten to know him. David is well educated, honest with good values. He is a strong Republican Candidate that gets my endorsement. Let’s get him in office!

Christian Patriots of Central Florida

Micheal Delancy

I am a disabled man being killed by the current administration as I’m on a fixed income! I was a construction foreman for decades! I need him to help keep me off the streets! He will fight for you too!

Matt Lehman

I have known David Dwyer and his brother Douglas Dwyer for quite a while. Douglas is so well known as a free speech warrior and his brother is a very strong constitutional conservative. I am a manager at a restaurant/bar! David Dwyer comes from a family of patriots and is going to put people to work. He has my full endorsement!

Judi Bernard

David Dwyer and his family have been almost lifelong friends. I have worked side by side with David Dwyer since he was 12 years old. I am a member of the LGQTB community and David always knew my sexual orientation since the age of 12. David and his family always showed our community the utmost respect. David and his brother Douglas worked alongside of me at his Grandmother’s Deli and restaurant store since before they were teens. They would socialize as they grew up with members of the LGQTB Community and always treated us with respect and equality. I’m proud to see the man that David has become today and I fully endorse him in his political aspirations in Florida

Tony Mazzamuto

I am a local 3 union electrician in NY. Both David’s father and grandfather were local 3 and were amazing people and definitely people who you looked up to! Upon my retirement. I happened to move next to David’s brother Douglas Dwyer and David Dwyer when he visits! For 32 yrs I pulled the levers in the voting booths and voted Democrat and every year it sickened me more! I finally have my own voice! I’m a Republican to the core and love expressing my disgust with the Democratic party. When I met David Dwyer I knew right away he loved his country and was willing to fight for it! For him to run for office against gender studies graduate and a plan parenthood employee. I honestly would have quit the union if they forced me to vote for her! The identical twins David and Douglas Dwyer are freedom fighters in my opinion! My wife and I throw my full support to David Dwyer! Someone told me after I retired. To vote right not out of fright! God bless America! You go win this seat for America! You have more support than you know!

Justin Ricobono

GOP LEADER AND VETERAN OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: I served six years as an Army Specialist. I was elected Beacon City Council at large. I was also running the local GOP organization. I have known David and his Twin brother Douglas Dwyer since we were kids. I even lived with David when he was employed at Morgan Stanley in NYC! We shared a railroad apartment in Sutton place which is an area in the 50s on the east side of Manhattan. We have all been friends since before high school! I heard he was running for Florida Congress. He didn’t even have to ask! He got his Executive MBA with a concentration in finance by 22. He’s loyal and a person that you just know loves his country! He’s a warrior! Just with a pen not a gun. Not to say he isn’t a proud member of the NRA and an owner of let’s just say he has a collection! They are both avid free speech advocates! Douglas runs a network of freedom defenders! The two of them are quite a force! David Dwyer is the type of person that can change Democrats to Republicans! You have my full financial support and my full and absolute endorsement! Never met anyone with such respect for our military and other civil servants! Police, Fire dept, etc. If he goes into a political war he will have angels blessing him. He will never lose! David Dwyer’s real fight to keep the American dream alive for future generations. God bless you David Dwyer and these United States of America!

Central Florida Homeowner Endorsement & Client of David Dwyer

As a client of EPA, David went the extra mile to help me and my husband get our roof replaced and other damages to our home. If it had not been for his diligence in helping us we would have had to take out a loan for the costly repairs caused by natural disasters. I can not thank David enough and surely support his running for the Florida House of Representatives in fighting and killing bills that hurt homeowners. Insurance companies only have one interest which is to take your money. I would also like to see Chapter 720 changed and then heavily enforced for the support and protection of homeowners because the Home Owner Association bully, violate rights, and steal homeowner’s money. David truly cares about what he does, is adamant, and will not stop working until his customer is 100% satisfied with the closure. Florida surely needs a dedicated and strong spirit person to fight for our State. While I am a Democrat and will continue to be. The Republican Party surely needs David to take one of their seats to do what is right for homeowners. He’s the one person that can take on that challenge as an American Servant. I feel he would be thorough, and dedicated to the people and for the people.

Central Florida

Marlene B

God Bless you for getting into the political arena. We need people like you looking out for “the people”!